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Work placements for university students

Would you like to see the financial industry from a different angle? Would you like a glimpse into everyday working life at a central bank?

Work placements at the Deutsche Bundesbank usually last between six and twelve weeks and offer students a taste of central banking. Find out first hand what it feels like to work for the Bundesbank. Maybe you could even imagine working here once you have completed your studies.

We are part of the “Fair Company” initiative, which means that employing you under fair conditions is important to us. This means, amongst other things, ensuring that your work placement supports you in choosing your professional career and that you receive adequate remuneration. To allow as many people as possible to complete a work placement with us, students can only be allocated one placement per study stage. Remuneration for the placement depends on your qualifications.

  • The maximum length of a work placement for students who have not yet completed their Bachelor's degree at the start of the placement is three months. Placements cannot be extended. Remuneration for a full-time placement is around €1,000 per month.
  • Students who already have a Bachelor's degree when they start their placement and who complete a full-time placement will receive remuneration of €2,150 per month.