Conditions Attractive - plannable - performance-oriented

Working for the Deutsche Bundesbank means working at attractive and fair conditions. As a public institution, we are a reliable, secure employer.

Your salary is based either on the regulations for civil servants of the central government or the Deutsche Bundesbank’s collective agreement, which is based on the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector (Tarifvertrag des öffentlichen Dienstes). If you join us as a salaried employee, you will have the opportunity to become a civil servant, depending on your performance and other factors. In addition to a basic salary, as an employee at our Central Office and regional offices you will receive a bank allowance. Further allowances are also paid depending on your family circumstances. Your subsequent salary depends on your professional experience and your career. Outstanding performance is also rewarded financially, in the form of bonuses, for example. Our attractive overall package also includes employee loans.

In addition to these financial aspects, our other conditions also focus on the needs of our employees. Weekly working hours are generally 41 hours for civil servants and 39 hours for salaried employees. All Bundesbank employees are entitled to 29 days of holiday per calendar year and 30 days are granted from the age of 55 onwards. In addition, special leave may be approved in cer-tain cases, such as for political events, churchrelated purposes or sporting activities. We can provide accommodation at locations where the housing market is tight to make starting your new job at the Bundesbank easier. You can keep up with your interests by becoming actively involved in our sports and cultural club. Through our health management system, we also offer you a broad range of health-promoting measures.Our high levels of commitment in this respect were recognised in 2010 with the Corporate Health Award.

Work-life balance

You can combine your professional and private life in a contemporary manner at the Deutsche Bundesbank. This is mainly due to our flexitime arrangements, which apply to numerous departments. Outside the core working hours, you can organise your working hours flexibly. As part of this system, overtime is usually compensated for by free time. Depending on the general conditions in place, we also allow part-time work and teleworking when necessary, as well as mobile working solutions. The “Work and Family Audit” certificate (Zertifikat zum Audit berufundfamilie®) was awarded to us by the Hertie Foundation (a non-profit making organisation) for our successful efforts to combine working and family life. Within the framework of parental leave regulations, we can keep your job open for you for up to twelve months, for example. In the case of longer periods of family leave, we discuss and plan your return to work together. We also help you look for childcare facilities, for example, and will be able to offer some childcare places at our Central Office in the future.