Ramona Busch

Research Interests

  • Financial stability and stress testing
  • Pricing and efficiency in banking markets
  • Empirical banking and financial intermediation

Refereed Publications

  • Busch, R. and C. Memmel (2017), Banks’ Net Interest Margin and the Level of Interest Rates, Credit and Capital Markets, Vol. 50(3), 363-392.
  • Busch, R. and C. Memmel (2016), Quantifying the Components of the Banks' Net Interest Margin, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Vol. 30(4), 371-396.
  • Schlüter, Tobias, Ramona Busch, Thomas Hartmann-Wendels and Sönke Sievers (2016), Loan Pricing: do Borrowers Benefit from cost-Efficient Banking?, Credit an Capital Markets, Volume 49, 93-125.
  • Busch, Ramona and Thomas Kick (2015), Income Structure and Bank Business Models: Evidence on Performance and Stability from the German Banking Industry, Schmalenbach Business Review, Volume 67, 226-253.

Discussion Papers