Customer information

In KEV, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the counterparties share

  • a platform for the easy use of credit claims as eligible collateral
  • based on modern technology.

Easy submission and administration of credit claims

Submission and administration of credit claims which are governed by German law and fulfill all other eligibility criteria is set up in a customer-friendly and easy way for counterparties. Apart from the internet connection, there are no direct charges for using KEV, however, KEV-participants domiciled or established in Germany are required to have their internal procedures for pledging credit claims audited by an external auditor once a year (according to Bundesbank’s General Terms and Conditions).

There are two submission procedures which can also be used simultaneously:

  • In the online procedure, credit claims are submitted individually via an interactive interface. It is easily operable via browser. The entry fields on the screens are pre-filled as far as possible.
  • In the file transfer procedure, a large number of of data records concerning credit claims (i.e. submissions, updates, voluntary returns) are transferred to the Bundesbank using a file in XML format generated from the internal systems of the counterparties.

The efficient processing in KEV makes it possible that the credit claims assigned to Bundesbank are made available to the counterparties rapidly for use as non-marketable collateral for monetary policy refinancing operations and for the settlement of payments.

Modern technology

KEV is based on the following technical framework:

  • KEV is a web application with an HTML-front-end.
  • To participate in KEV, all that is required is a standard PC equipped with standard software (operating system and browser).
  • State-of-the-art security standards ensure compliance with the strict data protection requiremetns (confidentiality) and data security (authenticity and integrity).
  • Redundant layout of the technical components ensures a high availability of KEV.

Information via e-mail

If you have already appointed to us a specialist contact person and a technical contact person for KEV, we will notify them via e-mail of any changes to the website. Otherwise please see the KEV reply form in the menu item Information for new customers.