Information for new customers

For the collateralisation of credit operations, every counterparty can submit eligible credit claims as non-marketable collateral. With KEV, Bundesbank provides a modern and customer-friendly application for the submission and administration of credit claims governed by German law. The KEV system is accessible via the ExtraNet, the Bundesbank's e-business platform.

In general, any credit institution domiciled or established in Germany that fulfills the requirements for a monetary policy operations counterparty of the Bundesbank may participate in KEV. In particular, a collateral account with the Bundesbank is a prerequisite.

In principle, participation in KEV is also possible for credit institutions domiciled or established abroad, which are monetary policy operations counterparties of another Eurosystem central bank. More information on this case is given in the area cross-border use.

You are familiar with the relevant documents in the customer information area of KEV and intend to use eligible credit claims as non-marketable collateral?

Next steps

  • Please name responsible staff at your institution, namely a "specialist contact person" and a "technical contact person" for KEV. For this purpose, please fill in the reply form "KEV contact person". We will inform the specialist and the technical contact person via e-mail about all important developments with reference to KEV.
  • Send the completed form via fax to the Customer Service KEV (fax number +49 69 2388 1460).
  • With respect to the cross border use of credit claims governed by German law, all handling details have to be worked out between your national central bank and Deutsche Bundesbank. Provided such a bilateral agreement does already exist, please send in the necessary and originally signed participating documents after conferring with the customer service KEV and in coordination with it.
  • Upon receipt of the necessary complete documentation, the customer service KEV will agree with the specialist contact person and the technical contact person upon a testing period for the KEV system. All members of your staff foreseen as future KEV users are invited to test all kinds of transactions and several evaluations in a KEV testing environment by using prepared test bank and test user data. A defined member of the customer service KEV will coach you by phone and supervise the testing activities.
  • As soon as the obligatory customer test is passed successfully, your credit institution will be connected to KEV as participant in the production environment. This will qualify you to register your future KEV users in ExtraNet. Both the appointed specialist and the technical contact person will receive for this purpose a checklist for the first-time registration and for the first-time login in ExtraNet.
  • Carry out the first-time registration for the respective KEV users in the ExtraNet and send in via mail the originally and legally binding signed printout of the registration form(s) to the customer service KEV.
  • Every first-time registered user will receive via mail an individual, non-transferable username, an initial password for access to KEV as well as a brief set of instructions. After using the initial password for the first time, each KEV user must change it to a personal password.
  • As soon as the KEV users with their respective roles are activated by the customer service KEV, access to the KEV system is granted and the first eligible credit claim can be submitted.

The Customer Service KEV will be pleased to advise and assist you and to answer any question arising.