Facilitating Access to Microdata – Balancing Confidentiality Requirements and User Needs First Annual INEXDA Workshop

Official statistics is increasingly making microdata available to help facilitate robust analytical evidence aimed at addressing important societal challenges of our time. Providing access to microdata faces significant legal and technical challenges related to, among others, safeguarding statistical confidentiality. This workshop’s aim was bringing together senior experts from central banks, national statistical institutes and international organisations to share experiences on real-world approaches to facilitate access to microdata for analytical purposes.

The workshop focused on the following topics:

  1. Data discovery centres: providing information on where to find the data
  2. Data access centres: how to grant access to the data: nationally and internationally
  3. Data hubs: access to multi-source remote data
  4. International initiatives on microdata access/sharing

The workshop served as a kick-off event for the INEXDA work stream on data access which will revolve around the topics of unified data access procedures, best practices on granting access to data and open software solutions. Colleagues from national statistical institutes, central banks, or international organisations were welcome to attend, but by invitation only. All presentations are available subject to speakers’ agreement.

The International Network for Exchanging Experience on Statistical Handling of Granular Data (INEXDA) provides a platform for exchanging experiences on statistical handling of granular data for central banks, national statistical institutes and international organisations. As such, it supports the G20 process, notably the Data Gaps Initiative 2 recommendation aiming to promote the exchange of (granular) data as well as metadata. The network was founded in January 2017.