Reserve Management Service

The euro is the second most important reserve currency worldwide behind the US dollar. In order to give central banks outside the Eurosystem as well as international organisations and monetary authorities access to the various euro financial markets, the range of central bank services provided by the Bundesbank includes offering its customers the possibility of opening a bank account and setting up a safe custody account. On this basis, our customers have the option to make use of additional financial services. This means that they can manage their euro reserves at the Bundesbank in a way that is tailored to their individual requirements.

Securities lending

European government bonds are in high demand. By lending out (part of) their holdings through securities lending programs, reserve managers can increase the profitability of their portfolios. In cooperation with central securities depository Clearstream Banking, we are able to offer our customers the possibility of participating in a fails lending programme (ASL) and a strategic lending programme (ASLplus).