Reserve Management Service

The euro is the second most important reserve currency worldwide behind the US dollar. In order to give central banks outside the Eurosystem as well as international organisations and monetary authorities access to the various euro financial markets, the range of central bank services provided by the Bundesbank includes offering its customers the possibility of opening a bank account and setting up a safe custody account. On this basis, our customers have the option to make use of additional financial services. This means that they can manage their euro reserves at the Bundesbank in a way that is tailored to their individual requirements.

Passive portfolio management

The Bundesbank offers portfolio management services to other central banks, international organisations and monetary authorities. This allows our customers to leverage our many years’ experience of managing and investing pension fund reserves and other special funds in the European financial market.

The passively managed portfolios track conservative and liquid benchmark indices. At present, we are offering the following investment options:

  • Markit-iBoxx Eurozone-Index ex-BBB
  • Markit-iBoxx Supranationals-Index
  • Markit-iBoxx Supranationals 1-3-Index
  • Markit-iBoxx Germany-Index
  • Markit-iBoxx Germany 1-3-Index

Our customers can determine the composition of the portfolio.

For more information, please refer to Product Annex Investment Services, section VIII as well as the Investment guidelines for ERMS portfolio management.