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Redesign of statistics web pages

Redesign of statistics web pages

The statistics web pages have undergone a redesign.

New navigation

The new navigation structure enables users to jump directly to certain topics from an alphabetical list. Information spanning multiple topics can now be found in bundled form under the navigation item “Sets of indicators”. The corresponding time series on the above-mentioned topics are available in the time series databases.

Listed below are the new first-level navigation items:

  • Banks and other financial corporations
  • Economic activity and prices 
  • Enterprises and households
  • Exchange rates
  • External sector
  • Macroeconomic accounting systems
  • Money and capital markets
  • Public finances
  • Sets of indicators
  • Time series databases

The data previously available under the former navigation items “Euro area and euro area countries” and “ESCB statistics” have been reallocated to the relevant new items.

In addition, parts of the statistics data provided at the deeper navigation levels have also been restructured.

Bookmarks may change

As the links to topics have changed in the restructuring process, we recommend that you check your bookmarks and create new ones, if necessary. The same applies to the time series databases.

Bundled information

Besides the changes to the navigation structure, the content on individual topics has been restructured as well. Some of the content can now be found under standardised categories such as “Data” or “Methodology and quality”.


The Bundesbank is continuously working to improve the content of its website. We will keep you informed of any changes ahead of time and also include important notices in our statistics newsletter.


 As always, please use our contact form for any queries and suggestions.

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