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The output index for the production sector is calculated monthly by the Federal Statistical Office and includes the sectors mining and quarrying, manufacturing, energy and construction.

Productivity and labour costs in industry

The Federal Statistical Office's monthly report includes the staff numbers, wages and salaries and actual man-hours worked in enterprises with at least 50 employees in the sectors manufacturing, and mining and quarrying. Productivity and labour cost indices are derived from these data read in conjunction with those from the output survey.

Employment, labour costs and turnover in the main construction industry

The Federal Statistical Office's monthly report on the main construction industry provides several indicators for a short-term assessment of this sector's cyclical situation. It includes the number of employees, the actual man-hours worked and remuneration. The survey is conducted for main construction industry enterprises with 20 or more employees.

Seasonally and calendar-adjusted as well as solely calendar-adjusted time series are provided in addition to the original values. Seasonal and calendar adjustment is carried out using the X13 program of version 2.2.1 of JDemetra+. 

Real-time data are available for selected indicators.

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