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Exchange rates, euro foreign exchange reference rates, gold

Exchange rates, euro foreign exchange reference rates, gold

The Bundesbank's exchange rate statistics represent a collection of current and historical exchange rates. These include, for example, the historical DM exchange rates of the Frankfurt Exchange for the time period from 1953 up to the end of 1998, the euro foreign exchange reference rates of the ECB (as of 1999) and numerous time series with exchange rates for the euro and the US dollar in around 190 different countries.

The exchange rate statistics also encompass a database in which extensive information about a country´s currency or currencies, historical currency reforms and exchange rate regimes, sub-units and the area of circulation (metadata) is recorded.

For the euro area countries, irrevocable euro exchange rates were set when the euro was introduced. Furthermore, the Statistical Supplement 5 - Exchange rate statistics contains effective euro exchange rates, selected data on the exchange rates and currencies of over 190 different countries and information on special drawing rights and exchange rate arrangements.

Daily gold prices from the London Bullion Market are listed as of 1968. The fixing rates per fine ounce (1 oz. tr. = 31.1034768 g) are reported in US dollar and in euro at 10:30 and 15:00 London time.

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