External positions of enterprises from financial operations and trade credits

External claims an liabilities of enterprises in Germany
German enterprises constitute net debtors vis-à-vis non-residents: Standing at €1,328 billion at the end of April 2020, their liabilities arising from financial operations and trade credits, exceeded their corresponding assets of €963 billion by €365 billion. Compared with the previous month, this represents a change in the magnitude of -€34 billion.

Financial operations with foreign non-banks are of particular importance here, while those with foreign banks play a secondary role. The first group accounts for 74% of claims and 84% of liabilities. At 22% and 14% respectively, the share of trade credits in these total figures remains comparatively small.

The external positions of enterprises encompass non-securitised external claims and liabilities vis-à-vis foreign banks and non-banks arising from financial and trade credits, for example in the form of credit terms granted or advance payments received, at the end of the reporting month. Enterprises include all non-banks, inter alia investment companies.