7 Labour market

Labour market
According to the European System of Accounts, persons in employment are persons aged 15 years and over who engage in at least one hour a week of productive activity for remuneration in the reporting period or who have an employment contract, ie employees (including the armed forces and contributing family workers), independently operate a trade or agricultural business or are self-employed. In line with international practice, persons who are not at work but have a job attachment (for example, persons on maternity leave or parental leave who have embarked on this leave from an existing employment arrangement) are also considered to be in employment on the basis of their continued formal job attachment.

The Federal Employment Agency defines unemployed persons as all persons who are without employment or have only short-time employment (less than 15 hours per week) and are seeking an employment contract of at least 15 hours per week which is subject to compulsory insurance contributions. They must have registered as unemployed and be available for job placement, and cannot be unfit for work due to illness.