Coin recycling

In 2010, the European Parliament and the European Council released Council Regulation (EU) No 1210/2010 to achieve an effective and uniform authentication of euro coins and handling of those that are unfit for circulation.

The provisions in this Regulation apply to credit institutions, payment service providers and all other institutions engaged in the processing and distribution of coins, such as cash-in-transit companies.

The main element of this Regulation is the obligation to check that coins are authentic and fit for circulation before they are re-issued. The checks may be carried out using approved coin processing machines or manually by trained personnel. The document "Merkblatt für Münzrollenfertiger" (Notice for coin roll producers) summarises the relevant points from this Regulation.
Coins and coin-like objects which are rejected during the packaging of coin rolls on the basis of being counterfeits, suspected counterfeits or unfit for circulation are to be submitted to the relevant Bundesbank branch; after an inspection has been made, the countervalue of the submitted genuine coins and the countervalue of coins, which have not been altered by a process that precludes a reimbursement, is reimbursed.