FX Liquidity providing operation – Allotment Tender ID: 20240066 | Reverse transaction | USD


Basic information

Tender ID: 20240066
Publication Type: Allotment


Transaction Type: Reverse transaction
Operation Type: FX Liquidity providing operation
Tender Procedure: Quick tender
Tender Type: Fixed rate tender
Quotation: Rate
Allotment Date: 10.07.2024 10:50 CET
Value Date: 11.07.2024

Product information

Maturity Date: 18.07.2024
Duration: 7 day(s)
Operation Currency: USD
Spot Rate: 1.0822
Total Bid Amount: 156.7 mn USD
Number of Bidders: 5
Total Amount of Allotment: 156.7 mn USD
Fixed Rate: 5.58 %
Percentage of Allotment: 100 %

Further information

For information concerning collateralisation and settlement modalities on value and maturity date please see https://www.bundesbank.de/foreign_currency_transactions