Longer-term refinancing operation – Allotment Tender ID: 20220035 | Reverse transaction


Basic information

Tender ID: 20220035
Publication Type: Allotment


Transaction Type: Reverse transaction
Operation Type: Longer-term refinancing operation
Tender Procedure: Standard tender
Tender Type: Fixed rate tender
Quotation: Spread
Allotment Date: 30.03.2022 11:30 CET
Value Date: 31.03.2022

Product information

Maturity Date: 30.06.2022
Duration: 91 day(s)
Reference Entity: Average MRO rate
Total Bid Amount: 82 mn EUR
Number of Bidders: 8
Total Amount of Allotment: 82 mn EUR
Fixed Spread: 0 point(s)
Percentage of Allotment: 100 %