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Reporting requirements and audit

Reporting requirements and audit Balance sheet data need to be reported in order to calculate limits and for any mandatory repayment.

The balance sheet data used to calculate the bid limits are collected and evaluated using a special reporting template submitted in the same way as the data for the balance sheet item (BSI) statistics. The key factor is net lending to euro-area non-financial corporations and households (excluding loans to households for house purchase).

Once a counterparty has participated in a TLTRO, it will be subject to an indefinite reporting requirement. The amended TLTRO‑I legal act, adopted on 28 April 2016, eased this requirement such that institutions with TLTRO‑I allotments are required to submit quarterly reports only until all data relevant for calculating the mandatory repayment have been submitted or until the allotted TLTROs have been repaid in full.

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