Prepatory Support for Participants

In July 2020, the Governing Council of the ECB decided to extend the timeline of the TARGET2/T2S consolidation project by 12 months. It is thus scheduled to go live in November 2022. The Eurosystem is currently working on adapting the detailed project plan. Please note that the documents listed here still refer to the previous project schedule with go-live date November 2021. 

TARGET2/T2S consolidation – crunch time

Under this motto, the Bundesbank hosted three identical kick-off events in February 2020 for the project managers from German credit institutions in preparation for TARGET2/T2S consolidation in November 2021.

The aim of these events was to highlight the significance of the upcoming consolidation for every participating institution due to the comprehensive changes to the design of and access to the Eurosystem’s future range of services. 

Training materials

On the basis of UDFS version 2.1, the Bundesbank produced in-depth training documents on TARGET2/T2S consolidation. These are intended to replace the training events that were planned for spring 2020 but had to be cancelled for the time being due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Training events

In September/November 2020, identical “virtual” training events for the preparation of directly connected participants are planned. The invitations were sent out to all addressees in August 2020.

Additional training sessions focusing on GUI screens, forms, and information on testing and migration are planned in due course.