Prepatory Support for Participants

TARGET2/T2S consolidation – crunch time

Under this motto, the Bundesbank hosted three identical kick-off events in February 2020 for the project managers from German credit institutions in preparation for TARGET2/T2S consolidation in November 2021.

The aim of these events was to highlight the significance of the upcoming consolidation for every participating institution due to the comprehensive changes to the design of and access to the Eurosystem’s future range of services. 

TARGET2-T2S consolidation - Looking ahead together

Two online events with identical content were held in December 2020. During these events, we examined the revised project plan as resulting from the extension of the project together with the directly connected participants.

Training materials

Based on UDFS Version 2.1 including the two addendums, the Bundesbank prepared detailed training material on TARGET2-T2S consolidation and presented it to the directly connected participants in two virtual training sessions in September and November 2020.

In May 2021, new features resulting from the UDFS version 2.2 and contents from the Explainers, which can be found on our website in the "Documentation and FAQs" section, were presented. Furthermore, the new contingency component ECONS II was introduced.

In addition, in the course of the upcoming publication of the form for the collection of the institutions' static data, two further training sessions were held in August 2021. In these trainings, we explained to the directly connected participants how to correctly fill out and submit the form.

In order to prepare the participants for the user testing activities, we held training sessions in October and November 2021 with a focus on testing. The presentation created for this and the resulting FAQ can also be found here.

Training events

Online tutorials for selected user interfaces are currently in preparation. We will announce further training events via our established mailing lists.