Registration Form

The T2 Registration Form is used to register your institution-specific static data for the TARGET-Services T2, T2S and TIPS, with an initial focus on the static data for T2. These build the basis for the upcoming user tests, which will be possible after the successful setup of your static data as from December 2021 the earliest. 
Send the supplemented form by e-mail to your responsible Customer Service Team. As soon as you have received positive feedback from your Customer Service Team, please send the printed PDF legally signed by post. 
Additional information on the T2 Registration Form can be found in our training materials on the Static Data Form (presentation and FAQ). As soon as possible, we will provide you with a document containing helpful information and instructions on how to complete the registration form (under this link).

Please note that we have attached example files and a document with accompanying information with regard to the registration form below.


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