There are two pricing schemes for participation in TARGET2.

  • Option A (Recurring fixed charges and a transaction
    Monthly fixed charge: €150
    Single price: €0.80
  • Option B (Recurring fixed charge and a transaction fee
    Monthly fixed charge €1,875.00
Number of monthly transactions
Band   between       and          Price                   
5more than 100,000€0.125

Sample calculation for option B: A participant submitting 70,000 payments in one month would receive an invoice for €29,375 (€1,875 + 10,000 x €0.60 + 15,000 x €0.50 + 25,000 x €0.40 + 20,000 x €0.20 = €29,375).

It is up to the individual participant to decide which of the two pricing schemes (ie option A or B) shall be used for calculating the transaction fee.

More information regarding the prices of TARGET2 services can be found in the “User information guide on TARGET2 pricing”.