Reference documents

Information Guide for TARGET2 users

The Information Guide for TARGET2 users is intended as a standard body of information for credit institutions and ancillary systems and aims to provide users with a better understanding of the overall functioning of TARGET2, thus helping them to use the system as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, the Information Guide for TARGET2 users explains how the entire system functions.

User Detailed Functional Specifications (TARGET2 UDFS)

The aim of these user specifications is to provide credit institutions and ancillary systems with the detailed functional and technical information that they require for participation in TARGET2. The versions that are currently applicable can be found by following the links below.

Participants intending to use the ICM via application-to-application (A2A) mode and who will therefore need to implement the XML messages used by the SSP in their own applications can select the relevant XML schemas as ZIP files from the list below. These files are designed to help developers and to provide them with support in validating the messages.

Please be informed that the schema files for releases 12.0 and 12.01 contain two different versions of the schemas related to the T2S interface which both can be found in the subfolder "T2SI". 

ICM User Handbook (TARGET2 UHB)

This document provides guidance on using TARGET2's information and control module (ICM).

ECONS I User Handbook

Documents for Internet-based access

TARGET2 Release 4.0, launched on 22 November 2010, introduced another technical access point to TARGET2 – internet-based access to the single shared platform. The following documents contain all of the important information required for participation in TARGET2 via the internet.

User information guide to TARGET2 pricing

The “User information guide to TARGET2 pricing” gives TARGET2 participants a comprehensive overview of the price tables relevant to TARGET2. It also takes a close look at the principles used to invoice TARGET2 core services, liquidity pooling and ancillary system services.

Country profile

The TARGET2 country profiles give an overview of the use of different modules (including those which are optional), information about the respective transactions which are settled via each module and, last but not least, a list of the relevant contact persons at the relevant central bank

Information on ancillary system settlement

Self-attestation of the TARGET2 single shared platform

TARGET2 end-of-day incident procedure in connection with TIPS

The daily balances of TIPS dedicated cash accounts remain on these accounts when the TIPS business day changes. However, the balances are taken into account for calculating the minimum reserve and the standing facilities. In case the TIPS general ledger file which is used for these purposes does not arrive in TARGET2 or is not processed on time, the cut-off for the use of standing facilities will be postponed from 18.15 to 18.50. Please find below further information regarding this issue.