Customer tests / Releases

New participants in TIPS

To open a TIPS DCA, participants are required to receive a certification from the responsible central bank upon successful completion of the certification tests. The documents that describe the conditions and requirements for testing activities and the certification of new participants are currently being updated (after go-live of the TARGET2/T2S consolidation). Once ready, they will be available for download from this page. In the meantime, you can get all relevant information directly from the National Service Desk for TARGET Services.

In addition to the specified test cases that have to be completed for certification, there are several other test cases that are recommended by the Bundesbank. Above and beyond that, new participants decide on the nature and scale of their further testing needs. The ECB provides a test simulator to perform the test cases, which acknowledges instant payments addressed to it either positively or negatively. If requested, the National Service Desk will attempt to find test partners.

In addition to the tests in the TIPS test environment, mandatory tests must be performed in the T2 test environment; these concern the provision of liquidity to the TIPS accounts from the MCA


TIPS Certification test cases Version 1.0.0

User Testing Terms of Reference Version 1.2

TIPS Releases

TIPS is regularly updated and enhanced (releases). Participants can submit change requests for enhancements. All TIPS Change Requests are available on the ECB website (see Further Information).