Truck of the Roadshow

Bundesbank roadshow kicks off in Frankfurt am Main

The Bundesbank is sending an exhibition truck to visit 90 places across Germany between April and the end of October, stopping off at Konstanz in the south-west, the North Sea island of Sylt, Aachen in the west, and Görlitz in the east along the way. The exhibition truck was unveiled on 7 April by Bundesbank Executive Board member Burkhard Balz and Hesse’s Minister of Finance, Michael Boddenberg. “We want to reach out to people locally, answer any questions they might have about the euro and listen to their suggestions and ideas,” Mr Balz explained. “After all, a central bank can only guarantee price stability – its primary mandate – if it enjoys the trust and support of the general public,” he continued.

Discover and experience the Bundesbank in our interactive exhibition

The two-storey truck houses an interactive exhibition that offers easy-to-understand general information on the topics of the euro, monetary policy, financial stability and banking supervision, and cash and cashless payments. “The exhibition builds on our popular Money Museum in Frankfurt am Main. With a range of images, texts, videos and games, it’s a fun way for visitors to get to know what the Bundesbank does,” Mr Balz said.

Upstairs in the truck, representatives from the Bank’s regional offices and branches will be available for more detailed discussions, besides offering counterfeit money detection sessions and presentations. Visitors will also be able to find out more about the wide variety of academic and vocational training options at Germany’s central bank and the career opportunities there.

Visits to the Bundesbank truck are free of charge. Our extensive hygiene measures mean a safe visit to our roadshow is still possible even during the COVID-19 pandemic.