Euro coin with national flag of croatia on the euro money banknotes background

Croatia to introduce the euro

The euro area is growing: on 1 January Croatia will become the 20th country to introduce euro cash. Of the 27 EU Member States, 19 have adopted the euro so far. Denmark, Bulgaria, Sweden, Romania, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have their own national currencies.

Banknotes of Croatia’s previous national currency, the kuna (HRK), can be exchanged free of charge at Bundesbank counters from 1 January 2023 to 28 February 2023. The pre-determined conversion rate of EUR 1 = HRK 7.53450 will apply. Please note that there will be a cap of HRK 8,000 per person per day for such transactions.

Until 31 December 2023 kuna banknotes and coins can be exchanged for euro banknotes and coins in Croatia at post offices, commercial banks and the Financial Agency only. Up to a maximum of 100 kuna banknotes and 100 kuna coins per transaction can be exchanged free of charge. For the exchange of a larger number of banknotes or coins, commercial banks may charge a fee.

As of January 2024 Croatia’s national central bank will take over the exchange services for kuna banknotes without a time limit, and will exchange coins until 31 December 2025. This service is free of charge.