Collateral management system

Monetary policy counterparties have various options for connecting to the Deutsche Bundesbank’s collateral management system. One option is via the CAP (Collateralmanagement Access Portal) ExtraNet application, which offers U2A (user-to-application) access to various functions in the area of ​​collateral management. In addition to querying the collateral account and recording incoming and outgoing deliveries of marketable assets, other orders related to collateral management, such as fixed credit lines or credit freezing, are issued via CAP. Counterparties can receive important notifications about their collateral account electronically in their associated ExtraNet mailbox. In addition, there are two A2A (application-to-application) connections available using SWIFT and XML, which enable automated communication with the Deutsche Bundesbank’s system.

Further information on this topic can be found in “Schnittstellenbeschreibung für den Zugang zum Sicherheitenmanagement-System der Deutschen Bundesbank”.

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