Securities issues

As to the issue statistics on debt securities, information is collected on the terms of domestic issuers' debt securities as well as information on monthly sales, redemptions and amounts outstanding. The results serve as the basis for an in-depth analysis of issuance activity in the German bond market over time. The comprehensive data is also used to present the issuance activity of domestic issuers broken down by type of security (e.g. public sector bonds, bank debt securities and corporate bonds), interest rate and residual maturity.

The issue statistics on shares provide information on sales of domestic issuers' shares, market capitalisation according to issuer group and changes in the capital of domestic public limited companies.

Detailed results pertaining to sales and amounts outstanding of domestic issues are shown in the Statistical Series Securities issues statistics, in tables and the associated time series. A monthly press release likewise contains an overview of issuance activity in the German bond and equity markets.

Moreover, details of debt securities and listed shares of issuers domiciled in the euro area are also made available in the form of tables.