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Data collection on housing loans

Data collection purpose

Data are collected on housing loans for the purpose of identifying and monitoring risks to financial stability and thus to the performance of the Bundesbank’s tasks under the Financial Stability Act, particularly those set out in Section 1(1) of said Act. The data collection is furthermore intended to improve the body of data on credit standards for housing loans in particular, and, if housing loans pose a threat to financial stability, provide a basis for BaFin measures aimed at limiting macroprudential risks in the area of housing loans. It also helps to fulfil the ESRB recommendation on closing real estate data gaps.

Contents of reports

The collection of housing loan data involves recording aggregated information on indicators and their distribution as they relate to new housing loans (flows) to natural persons.  Data measuring the overall risk situation in the stock of housing loans are collected for a small number of selected metrics only. Information on housing loans to legal persons in their capacity as commercial borrowers is not collected under these requirements. These data are collected as part of the credit data statistics, which implements the AnaCredit Regulation (ECB/2016/13).

Reporting agents

Pursuant to Section 2(2) number 1 of the Financial Stability Data Collection Regulation (Finanzstabilitätsdatenerhebungsverordnung – FinStabDEV), the data reporting requirements apply to all commercial lenders (credit institutions, insurance companies and investment management companies).

Reporting scope and frequency

Reporting agents will generally be required to provide data on housing loans at quarterly intervals. For proportionality reasons, however, a reduced (yearly) reporting frequency and/or reduced reporting scope will be permitted based on the importance of individual lender groups (credit institutions, insurance companies and investment management companies) in terms of the total volume of new business and on the number of newly issued housing loans per year per reporting agent. Reporting agents with a particularly low number of newly issued housing loans per year or a low volume of residential real estate lending are exempt from the general data reporting obligation.

Reporting formats

XML data format