Current data and changes compared with the previous period:

Monthly Report: Wealth in Germany up significantly
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Household wealth in Germany increased between 2017 and 2021. For example, households’ average net wealth went up by €83,600 to €316,500 between those two years. In particular, households with low wealth saw strong growth relative to their existing wealth. This is the finding of a Bundesbank study regularly examining household wealth and finances (the Panel on Household Finances, or PHF). 

Foreign exchange and derivatives turnover of banks in Germany increased sharply
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The German trading center is experiencing strong growth in foreign exchange trading and OTC interest rate derivatives. These findings were revealed by the survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity conducted in April 2022 and covering all major global financial centres. The survey was carried out by central banks in 52 countries in consultation with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

German debt ratio up in 2021 to 69.3%
The current figure: Maastricht debt ratio in 2021 is 69.3 per cent.

General government debt in Germany increased by €162 billion in 2021 to €2.476 trillion. This was largely a result of government support measures in the second year of the pandemic. The debt ratio, meaning the ratio of debt to gross domestic product, rose from 68.7% to 69.3%.

Green finance dashboard
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The system of indicators uses a number of data items to provide a quick overview over green finance in Germany and its latest developments. It distinguishes financial, real economic and climate-related indicators.

SDMX Web Service
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The Bundesbank’s web service offers a new procedure for automated downloads of large statistical datasets. In addition to the usual download options, the web service provides an interface for programmatic access.

Systems of indicators for the German property markets

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The two systems of indicators provide information on current developments in the German property markets. They are updated regularly at the beginning of March, June, September and December.