Research visit and internship

Visit as Experienced Researcher

The Bundesbank provides the opportunity of a research visit for experienced researchers such as academics and postdoctoral students working in the field of economics and finance. The study period at the Research Centre is intended to contribute to a research project relevant to central banking, such as monetary macroeconomics, banking and financial economics and econometrics.

Applicants are welcome and may send a research proposal, including appropriate JEL-classification, in PDF-format, together with a cover letter, curriculum vitae and a list of recent research work to the Research Centre under:

If you would like to work with microdata collected by the Bundesbank during your research visit, please contact the Bundesbank's Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC):

Further information can be accessed via the link listed below.

Internship at the Research Centre

The internship is intended to contribute to a specific project of the Research Centre. A list of current research projects with further information is provided below in the document Research Projects for Internship at the Research Centre of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Please submit applications exclusively via the job opportunities page.