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General information on CashEDI

With CashEDI – Cash Electronic Data Interchange – the Bundesbank will offer customers the possibility of carrying out transactions electronically using standardised electronic data exchanges.

Lodgement notification

You may notify the Bundesbank branch of your lodgements electronically. Once your Bundesbank branch has taken receipt of the cash you will receive an electronic acceptance confirmation. You may specify additional parties which should receive confirmation of receipt (additional acceptance confirmation). Once processing is completed, you will be sent an electronic message informing you of the result of the count (Final receipt).

Electronic cash orders

You may order cash from the Bundesbank branches electronically. As soon as the order has been compiled according to your wishes, you will receive a message notifying you of this. Once the cash has been withdrawn from the Bundesbank branch, you will be informed by means of a delivery confirmation.

CashEDI in Europe

In consciously opting for an international standard, the Bundesbank has sent a message in Eu-rope. The Spanish, French and Italian central banks have already followed the Bundesbank’s lead and likewise chosen to adopt GS1 standards for their cash operations.

Moreover, the GS1 standard was approved by the ESCB as one of the two eligible data for-mats for use with the DECS (Data Exchange for Cash Services) procedure. Using DECS it is possible to carry out electronic data exchange for cross-border cash payments. CashEDI sup-ports EU-wide harmonisation as a national portal.

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