SCL-Directory for the RPS SEPA-Clearer

The SCL-Directory is used for the automated processing of SEPA payments via the Bundesbank’s RPS SEPA-Clearer. It contains all the business identifier codes (BICs) that can be reached via the SEPA-Clearer.

The official update service for direct participants of the SEPA-Clearer can be accessed by secure download from the Deutsche Bundesbank ExtraNet.
Direct participants in the SEPA-Clearer are requested to address any queries concerning ExtraNet registration and provision of the SCL-Directory to the SEPA administration team using the contact details below (see Address and Contact details).

For further information, please see the SCL-Directory notice.

Excerpt from the SCL Directory (Table of reachable Payment Service Providers)

As an additional source of information, the Deutsche Bundesbank posts a non-binding excerpt from the SCL-Directory for information purposes on the internet. Please note that this excerpt should not be used for the automated processing of payments, particularly not for automated reachability checks. It merely provides a general overview of those payment service providers that can be reached via the Bundesbank's SEPA-Clearer on the specified date.
The file contains the following information: name of payment service provider, BIC and the type of service (SCT, SDD and/or B2B; 1 = reachable, 0 = not reachable) in which the payment service provider participates.

SCT: SEPA credit transfer
SDD: SEPA CORE direct debit
COR1: SEPA COR1 direct debit
B2B: SEPA B2B direct debit
SCC: SEPA Card Clearing

The Deutsche Bundesbank accepts no liability for the accuracy of this non-binding information.