Reportings Services
Verwendung von Taschenrechner für Bilanzierung ©Tom Grill / Getty Images

The Bundesbank carries out surveys relating to external sector statistics and banking statistics via the reporting system. It also assumes responsibility for collecting reports relating to banking supervision.

Services for banks and companies

Here you find an assortment of the range of services for banks and companies.

Figurative mark of the ExtraNet

The ExtraNet is the quick and easy way of submitting your statistical reports. You have to register before you can submit reports for the first time. Please contact the unit responsible prior to this.

Bank sort codes
Filling out a SEPA Credit Transfer ©Dieter Roosen

For information on the bank sort code file, update service and download in various formats, see the Payment systems section.

School service
A teacher helps a pupil ©Matthias Tunger / Getty Images

The Bundesbank offers a wide range of educational programmes for schools on the topics of money and currency. This offer is constantly being expanded and updated.