Balance of payments

The balance of payments records all economic transactions between residents and non-residents within a given time period and thus shows a country’s complex economics links with the rest of the world.

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100 years of the German balance of payments: 1924 to 2024

To mark the anniversary, we would like to take a look back. We will take you on a short journey through history and show you where the balance of payments in 1924 and 2024 are still very similar and where they differ (significantly).

“Memorandum on Balance of Payments and foreign trade balances”

Further to the resolution of 1922, the League of Nations sent governments a series of empty tables, including instructions for completing them, and requested that these be filled out and returned. 

We regard these instructions as the first international recommendation for compiling balance of payments statistics, even though very few countries initially followed these instructions but instead sent statistics compiled based on national systems that were in place. The League of Nations converted these submissions insofar as it was possible into the appropriate formats. 

In 1924, the first report was published with statistics for 13 countries. Germany makes its first appearance in these reports in 1926 with statistics as of 1924.

United Nations Archives at Geneva


Example response DE 1933