Balance of payments

The balance of payments records all economic transactions between residents and non-residents within a given time period and thus shows a country’s complex economics links with the rest of the world.

Current data and changes compared with the previous month

New: Regional current account figures

Germany’s balance of payments provides a monthly record of the economy’s transactions with the rest of the world. In new Excel files, the monthly figures for the current account and its sub-accounts can be selected by region, currently from 2014 onwards. The regional current account figures can be found under “Further tables”.
At present, a more detailed breakdown of the current account is published for 70 countries, which together account for more than 99% of transactions with Germany. It should be noted here that Germany does not have any transactions with some countries, while transactions with others are subject to statistical confidentiality pursuant to Section 16 of the Federal Statistics Act (Bundesstatistikgesetz). The manner in which the financial account is prepared is currently being revised. Monthly financial account figures vis-à-vis the rest of the world will be available in the near future.”