Money Museum
Exhibition: “Money in caricature and satire”
Money in caricature and satire

From 20 September, the Money Museum presents a new special exhibition that approaches money differently: from the perspective of caricature and satire.

Lectures at the Money Museum
Group at a presentation at the Money museum

Combine your visit to the money museum in Frankfurt am Main with a lecture.

Virtual 3D tour of the Money Museum
Three-dimensional tour

Thanks to our digital presence, you can explore the museum even outside of its opening hours. 

Money Museum looks forward to visitors
Entrance to the money museum

The Money Museum can be visited. You can find out how this works and which distance and hygiene conditions apply for visiting the museum in Corona times here.

Insights into the Money Museum
Startbild zum Video des Geldmuseums zum Thema Äpfel

Our new video clips, moderated by Silviana Ursu, bring exciting topics to life and afford fascinating insights into the Money Museum Find out what the Museum has to do with one of the most infamous assassinations in world history, why birds play an important role in monetary policy and how to recognise counterfeit money.

Visiting the museum
Group tour of the Money Museum

The museum is a unique place to learn about and experience the world of money. We offer guided tours for groups on various topics, as well as workshops for children and young people.

Museum guide
Cover: The Money museum

The extensive illustrations of the museum's guide make it possible to experience both the spatial arrangements and the numerous exhibits from more than 2500 years of monetary history.