Individual aspects of banking supervision

The supervisory cycle begins once an institution has been granted a licence to conduct banking business or financial services and potentially ends with supervisory crisis management or once the institution has been resolved. In between, there are a variety of interesting individual aspects of supervision concerning, for instance, governance, solvency and liquidity, but also including questions relating to the protection of customer deposits. New business forms in the financial industry (digitalisation and electronic money, to name just two examples) are likewise becoming increasingly important.

Brexit-related information for banks
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On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union (EU). With regard to establishing new entities or expanding existing entities in Germany, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Deutsche Bundesbank are available to assist you in Brexit-related issues pertaining to banking and financial regulation, payment transactions and market operations.

Fintech – technology-enabled financial innovation

Fledgling businesses often will not know whether their business model needs to be authorised pursuant to the Banking Act or the Payment Services Oversight Act, which is why they are invited to discuss any issues which might arise in this regard with staff at the Bundesbank's Regional Offices and Central Office.