PRISMA: Refining and improving the supervisory reporting system

The Bundesbank has launched its PRISMA project to refine and improve supervisory reporting processes as part of the digitalisation agenda within banking and financial supervision. The aim of the project is to provide new solutions for the standardised processing of all supervisory reports. The core element is the development of a new reporting line that receives and processes supervisory data, performs quality assurance checks, and then makes the data available for use in supervision. 

In the basic release, the new solution is initially intended to process all reports pursuant to the EBA ITS and the guidelines for the reporting of financial information as well as reports on available financial resources pursuant to the Financial and Internal Capital Adequacy Information Regulation (Finanz- und Risikotragfähigkeitsinformationenverordnung, FinaRisikoV). It is planned that ITS and AFR reports will be submitted to the Bundesbank via PRISMA as from 1 January 2024.

This page will be updated to provide all relevant information for the banking industry, software developers, IT service providers, and other interested parties.