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Foreign cheques

Deutsche Bundesbank collects foreign cheques for public adminstrations and provides account holders (without a bank sort code) with cheques made out for foreign locations. In addition to the regulations in the General Terms and Conditions of the Deutsche Bundesbank for both services more requirements apply.

Bank sort codes
Filling out a SEPA Credit Transfer

Here you will find information on the bank sort code file and on the bank sort code update service. You can also download the bank sort code files.

Check-digit calculation for account numbers

The validation of account numbers using the check-digit method promotes the smooth and automated settlement of payments. A transferring payment service provider or a first collecting institution must therefore check the accuracy of the payees' or payers' account numbers.

IBAN rules
SEPA - IBAN rules

In order to make the SEPA migration more customer friendly, payment service providers may provide customers with conversion services for a transitional period up to 1 February 2016.

Customer Test Centre
Three people in front of a screen

To ensure the stable and reliable operation of its payment processing and account management applications, the Bundesbank carries out a wide range of test activities with its customers.

Visitors at an event

Details and presentations with regard to our events and conferences on payments, settlement and account management.

Forms for the electronic payments of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Here you will find the Forms for the electronic payments of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

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