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Reportings systems

The Bundesbank carries out surveys relating to external sector statistics and banking statistics via the reporting system. It also assumes responsibility for collecting reports relating to banking supervision.

External Sector
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This section contains all the information you will need regarding external sector reporting. Statistical reports relating to the external sector comprise incoming and outgoing payments (transactions) as well as the status of claims, liabilities and direct investment.

Banking Supervision
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Here you find information on individual reporting requirements as well as the required forms. Under 'Reports' our forms center provides you with all reporting forms (as ZIP files) and further information, arranged by field of expertise. Additionally you can get easy and quick access to individual reporting forms under 'Forms'.

Banking statistics
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Information on the reporting system can be called up for the banking statistics collections in this section.

Financial Stability
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This section contains information and material on statistics for analysing risks from financing of residential real estate. The reported data contains information on financing conditions of mortgages of private households.

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The Bundesbank offers reporting parties a free e-mail service. Upon new information becoming available, this service immediately sends e-mails containing links to the latest results.