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Counterfeit detection

Counterfeit detection

The counterfeits being spread at present can be detected by checking the security features. In most cases, counterfeiters focus on just one or only few security features. Therefore, it is advisable to check several features.

Banknote "paper" consists of cotton. It feels crisp and firm. With some experience, genuine money can be detected just by the feel of the paper.

The first denomination of the Europa Series was the 5 Euro banknote, which was introduced on 2 May 2013. On 23 Septermber 2014, the new 10 Euro banknote was next. The introduction of the 20 Euro banknote of the Europa Series was on 25 November 2015 and the new 50 Euro banknote is available since 4 April 2017. All banknotes of the first series remain valid, but will disappear gradually from circulation.

Further denominations of the Europa Series will be introduced in ascending order. The dates of introduction have not yet been determined.

Details of the security features

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Europa series

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