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What the Bundesbank does. Explained in easy-to-read format

Many people have heard of the Bundesbank. But who knows what the Bundesbank does?
This is explained in the many difficult texts on the Bundesbank’s website.

Many people with a disability have problems reading the difficult texts.
That is why we are writing in simple language here. (Illustrations: © Reinhild Kassing)

Simple language is particularly important for people with learning difficulties.
Or for people whose English is not so good.

The Bundesbank's website
Bank building with Bundesbank sign (© Reinhild Kassing)

The address of the Bundesbank's website is
This article explains what you can find on the Bundesbank's website.

New banknotes
Euro banknotes

You use euro banknotes to pay.
Since April 4, there is a new €50 note.

Everything stays affordable
Person holding a €1 coin (© Reinhild Kassing)

You need lots of things in your day-to-day life.
Bread, clothes and somewhere to live.
Sometimes you also want to go swimming.
The Bundesbank keeps the value of money stable to stop prices from going up all the time. The difficult word for this task is monetary policy.

Coins and banknotes
How money is printed at a printing works (© Reinhild Kassing)

The Bundesbank issues coins and banknotes.
The money is then distributed to people.
Sometimes people try to make their own
banknotes and coins.

Banks trust other banks
The circulation system between the banks (© Reinhild Kassing)

Banks lend each other money.
They need to trust each other to do this.
The Bundesbank makes sure that banks trust each other.

Paying with a bank card
Putting the bank card in the slot (© Reinhild Kassing)

In shops, you sometimes pay with your bank card.
The money from your account is sent to the shop owner.
The Bundesbank takes care of this.

Making rules for banks
Rulebook for banks (© Reinhild Kassing)

The Bundesbank makes rules for banks.
It also checks that the banks follow these rules.
For example, a bank must have enough money
so that it can lend money to others.

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