Research and Research Data

The main purpose of research conducted by the Bundesbank is to develop and consolidate academic expertise in the fields of economics, banking and financial stability. This expertise is reflected in studies, which are published either as papers in leading specialist journals or as part of other analytical studies.

Research Centre
Zentrale der Deutschen Bundesbank

The employees of the Research Centre focus on economic research. In addition, economists of the Directorate General Banking and Financial Supervision, the Economics Department and the Financial Stability Department are also concerned with research-oriented work.

Research Data and Service Centre (RDSC)
Skyline Frankfurt am Main

The RDSC provides researchers access to selected microdata from the Bundesbank's data records for independent and non-commercial scientific research projects on basis of the legal requirements. The RDSC is the mediator between the Bundesbank’s wide range of different micro data in various departments and – on the other side – researchers or analysts. In connection with this, the RDSC is responsible for the methodological improvement, the access of and the comprehensive documentation of the high-quality microdata. It also offers additional consultancy and support services to existing and prospective data users and satisfies data protection requirements.