External sector

External sector statistics provide information on a country’s economic relationships with the rest of the world. The data on external transactions and stocks form an important basis for economic policy decisions.

Update of the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6)
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The concepts and methodological standards for compiling external sector statistics are set out in numerous international manuals. These are currently being revised.

Foreign affiliates statistics (FATS)
Number of foreign affiliates of German investors

In 2018, the number of foreign corporate units with German investors decreased slightly. The annual turnover generated in these corporate units increased by 83 billion to over 2.4 trillion euros. 

Direct investment stocks continue to increase in 2018; direct investment flows momentum dips in 2019
Major destinations for German direct investors

Primary and secondary German direct investment abroad at year-end 2018 totalled €1,277 billion. The United States was once again the number one destination. Foreign direct investment stocks in Germany rose to €540 billion. Transaction data for 2019 showed a slowdown in the dynamics of both outward and inward flows.

Statistical publications: new concept and flexible download options
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As of 16 April 2020, the Bundesbank’s statistical publications will appear in a new format. In future, Statistical Series with partially amended content will be made available instead of Statistical Supplements. A modular publication structure will enable each issue to be updated on an ongoing basis and accommodate flexible download options.

Time series
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