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Banking supervisory reporting

Institutions must submit prudential supervisory reports on a regular basis, depending on the type and scope of their business, so that prudential supervisors can analyse the business performance of the credit and financial services institutions that they supervise.

This section has information on individual reporting requirements as well as the required forms. Under 'Reports' our forms center provides you with all reporting forms (as ZIP files) and further information, arranged by field of expertise. Additionally you can get easy and quick access to individual reporting forms under 'Forms'.

Central ExtraNet mailbox and file naming conventions
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Electronic submission of prudential returns via ExtraNet

The Deutsche Bundesbank gives all credit and financial services institutions and authorised computer centres and IT service providers the opportunity of submitting prudential returns electronically.

Formats (XML and XBRL)

This page provides information about the standard XML formats for prudential returns as from reporting month December 2004. The lists below give all schemas needed to set up and validate XML files. Descriptions of the contents are included. If they have already been set, dates for test and live submissions are also shown.