Bund Bidding System (BBS)
Figurative mark of the Bund Bietungs-System (BBS)

Electronic primary market platform for the members of the Bund Issues Auction Group to auction Federal securities.

Collateralmanagement Access Portal (CAP)
Figurative mark of the Collateralmanagement Access Portal (CAP)

Access for monetary policy business associates of the Deutsche Bundesbank to manage their collateral account.

ESM/EFSF Bidding System (EBS)
Figurative mark of the ESM Bietungs-System (EBS)

Electronic auction platform for members of the ESM/EFSF Market Group.

OpenMarket Tender Operation System (OMTOS)
Figurative mark of the OffenMarkt Tender Operations-System (OMTOS)

Electronic bidding system for the execution of the Eurosystem’s open market operations.

PKI - Public Key Infrastructures

Public Key Infrastructures for E-Mail security - certificates and keys

Deposit receipts for creditors’ meetings

Preconditions for issuing a deposit receipt in connection with a creditors’ meeting