Our standard for data exchange

Communication is carried out on the basis of the GS1 standards. If you are interested, further information is available at the website of GS1.

The decision to apply these standards was based on their design and successful implementation in various areas, including logistics, making them a feasible, secure and future-proof investment for all participating parties.

Thanks to the neutral structure of the GS1 standards, process participants are able to use them independently of individual market segments and enterprises, and even without the Bundesbank having to be involved.

Participation in CashEDI is subject to the use of these standards.

The GS1 standards entail a system of standardised, non-overlapping numbers for the global identification of places, products and packaging units. This numbering system is supplemented by bar code and communication standards.

GS1 Numeric system
GLN (global location number, previously known in German as ILN)Your GLN identifies you in CashEDI. Your partners in the supply chain (such as the Bundesbank branches) are also clearly identified by means of a GLN.

GTIN (global trade item number, previously known in German as EAN )Banknote and coin packaging units (eg banknote packets and bundles) are allocated a GTIN by the Bundesbank. The GTIN is not printed on the unit concerned, but is used to identify the products during electronic data transfer.
SSCC (serial shipping container code, known in German as NVE (SSCC) )In order to clearly identify cash containers they are given an SSCC. This number enables you to track your money en route from or to a specific Bundesbank branch.


The SSCC can be reproduced in machine readable form in the barcode GS1 128 (previously known in German as EAN 128). The bar code enables faster processing at counters in the Bundesbank branches and allows you to optimise your internal transfer processes.


EANCOM® is used as the communication standard. With a multitude of message types, this communication standard supports the numeric system described above comprising GLN, GTIN and SSCC.

GS1 Numeric system

In addition, the Bundesbank provides a standardised XML interface.

Licence fees must be paid to GS1 for using the GS1 standard or requesting an GLN.

User recommendations for the communication standard

In order to ensure maximum compatibility between systems during file transfer, the Bundesbank has worked together with GS1 to produce a set of user recommendations.