Regular coins

All euro coins have a common "European" side and a national side. The common side has the same design in all the euro-area member states.

German €2 commemorative coins

The €2 coins with a commemorative design are regular coins , which are accepted as legal tender in all euro-area countries. Although these €2 coins with a commemorative design are more commonly referred to as commemorative coins, they are nonetheless officially classed as “standard” regular issue coins.

Collector euro coins

Since the introduction of euro banknotes and coins, a number of German euro collector coins have been issued every year, which are only legal tender in Germany. Issues of these coins in mint condition can be purchased at all Bundesbank branches.

Legal framework

Even after the introduction of the euro, responsibility for the coin prerogative still lies with the competent national authorities; in Germany this is the Federal Ministry of Finance. The Bundesbank, for its part, is entrusted with the task of ensuring that a sufficient range of payment mediums are available to support the execution of payments.