Publications of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The publications of the Bundesbank can be obtained as a print and / or online edition. You find additional publications in the left navigation or about the search.

The Euro at 20: The Future of our Money

33 Perspectives on the future of cash from a political, economic and philosophical viewpoint.

Financial Stability Review 2022
Financial Stability Review 2022

The macro-financial environment has deteriorated substantially over the course of 2022. It has been shaped by subdued growth prospects, high inflation as well as rising interest rates and risk premia.

The past becomes the future
Cover The past becomes the future

The photo book about the Bundesbank’s Central Office in Frankfurt am Main takes a close look at the architecture of the building and places it in a wider historical context.

Campus Deutsche Bundesbank
Campus Deutsche Bundesbank

The exhibition catalogue, spanning roughly 120 pages, showcases all 29 designs entered in the architectural competition for the planned ensemble of new buildings on the campus of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Frankfurt Central Office.

Current Monthly Reports
A page of the Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank deals with economic issues, including monetary policy and financial and economic policy issues, in particular.