Publications of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The publications of the Bundesbank can be obtained as a print and / or online edition. You find additional publications in the left navigation or about the search.

The past becomes the future
Cover The past becomes the future

The photo book about the Bundesbank’s Central Office in Frankfurt am Main takes a close look at the architecture of the building and places it in a wider historical context.

Campus Deutsche Bundesbank
Campus Deutsche Bundesbank

The exhibition catalogue, spanning roughly 120 pages, showcases all 29 designs entered in the architectural competition for the planned ensemble of new buildings on the campus of the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Frankfurt Central Office.

Current Monthly Reports
A page of the Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank deals with economic issues, including monetary policy and financial and economic policy issues, in particular.

Cash use in Germany
Cash use in Germany

In a study prepared together with Professor Friedrich Schneider of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, illegal demand for cash in Germany is investigated. The study presents an overview of economic research on the use of cash in the shadow economy as well as fresh empirical analyses by the authors. They look at the influence of the shadow economy on cash lodgements at Bundesbank branches and the demand for banknotes in Germany.

Coins study
Photo shows coins

This study investigates the effects on consumer prices of rounding final total prices or individual prices in the retail sector.

Publications by the Members of the Executive Board
Bundesbank executive board

Speeches, interviews and opinion pieces by the members of the Executive Board are published in the "Press" section.