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Euro money market

Euro money market


Since 1 July 2016, money market statistical reporting (MMSR) has been used on a daily basis to collect transactions carried out by monetary financial institutions on the euro money market. MMSR covers transactions effected by reporting agents in the secured, unsecured, foreign exchange swap and EONIA swap (euro overnight index swaps, or OIS) market segments.

At present, the largest 52 institutions in the euro area are required to submit reports. 14 banks of this Eurosystem sample are domiciled in Germany and submit their reports to the Bundesbank. Moreover, the Bundesbank collects data from 111 additional reporting MFIs domiciled in Germany. In total, the Bundesbank sample includes 125 institutions.

Since the MMSR data are collected on an individual transaction basis, they provide an important source of information for assessing the situation on the money market. The planned overnight benchmark provided by the ECB will be calculated on the basis of MMSR.

Using the links on the right, you can access time series containing money market statistical data of currently the 52 largest institutions on an aggregated level per reserve maintenance period. Inter alia, you can choose between interbank transactions and transactions with counterparties of all sectors (excluding private households).

Please note that the ECB benchmark cannot be derived from the data provided.

Further information on money market statistical reporting (MMSR) and on the data collected is available under the following link to the reporting system.

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