Animation videos In her animated films, the Bundesbank explains important topics easy to understand.

What is money?

We use money every day, taking it for granted in our daily lives. At the same time, money is one of the most important business areas for any central bank. But what exactly is money? What forms does it take, and what are the characteristics that turn something into money? We answer these and other questions in the following animation film.

The cash cycle

For our daily purchases we can withdraw cash from our bank account. But where do the banks get this cash from? What happens to the cash after we have paid with it? And who makes sure that there is always enough cash where it’s needed, when it’s needed? The following film gives an overview.

The tasks of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Deutsche Bundesbank is the independent central bank of Germany. Its core business area is the monetary policy of the Eurosystem. Besides this, however, the Bundesbank performs a number of other important tasks. The following animation film gives an overview.

What is the origin of money?

The core theme of each central bank is the money. But how does it happen in the world? This question goes to the Bundesbank and answered them in animated films.


Book Money

Central Bank Money

Price Stability

The euro has proven to be a stable currency. The Bundesbank, together with the other central banks in the euro area, makes sure of this. But why is a stable currency so important? The Bundesbank has created an animated film to illustrate why it is important that prices do not rise or fall sharply overall and which role the central bank plays in safeguarding price stability.

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